Allspring Confidentiality Statement

The clients of Allspring shall be assured that any data and information shared or otherwise communicated is secure and maintained in a confidential manner.

Allspring agrees to keep confidential and not to disclose any client information of a confidential or proprietary nature. This Confidentiality Statement prohibits discussion or sale of confidential or proprietary information with any person or third party, except those who have been approved by the client in writing to receive such information. 

Confidential information includes but is not limited to all information and records or copies of records relating to a client’s personal data and contact information, career history and plans, job search and job search status, resume and cover letters, financial information, and engagement of Allspring.

This Confidentiality Statement shall stay in effect even after the client no longer is working with Allspring. Only written consent from the client can lift the limitations listed above.